Roger Epperson on History Detectives

On Tuesday July 17, PBS will be airing “History Detectives” in it’s 10th season. On this episode Roger will be looking at some Beatles autographs (and others) in what looks like a very interesting show. Along with this they will do a spot on Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa. Should be a very fun watch!

Let’s take a look at The Allman Brothers!

This story is a study of the Allman Brothers Band signatures over the years.  Early ABB signed stuff is very scarce and only pops up once and awhile.  Duane and Berry died so young they had little time in their career to have signed.  I was very fortunate to buy a collection of autographs from a Houston music journalist, Larry Lent that was fortunate enough to have met them and even interviewed them.  (I have a copy of that too)

The early lineup was Gregg and Duane Allman, Richard Betts (usually called Dickie or Dickey), Butch Trucks, Berry Oakley and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson (Jaimoe).

To the right is a very rare test pressing of their first Album signed by all 6 original members of the band. All but Butch Trucks signed “in the era” of the LP. This LP was mailed to Larry Lent in advance of them coming to Houston to play the Music Hall. Note that in this early signed item Mr. Betts signed this as “Dickie” Betts. Also note the very rare version of Gregg signing his last name with a lower case “A” for Allman. I have only seen this done a few times ever. Also note the very cool and rare way “Jaimoe” signed his name; he signed Jaimoe then JJ Johanson, Berry also added “Allman Brothers Band” after his signature. On the interview tape you can hear Berry and Duane tripping out that Larry had this LP.

autograph scandals

Here is a rare signed check of Berry Oakley signed in 1970.

autograph authentication

Here is another from 1970 signed by Duane Allman.

rock autographs

Above is an endorsed check from 1970 signed as Richard Betts. Notice the formation of the last name is exactly the same as him signing as Dickie.


Here is a cool one signed Gregory L Allman with a lower case “A”

signed rock items

Here is a very unusual endorsed check from Feb 1970 with Jaimoe signing as Johnny Lee Johanson.

signed rock photos

Here is an early promo photo signed by Gregg (as Gregory) and using an Upper case “A” in Allman, Duane and Butch Trucks. They were all still working on how they were going to sign their names in the early part of their career. Duane was the one that stayed the most consistent.

signed rock memorabilia

Here is a signature from around 1995 and a signed photo from 1996 of Gregg. This style of signature stayed pretty much the same from the late 70’s throughout his career.

signed guitars

Here is a guitar I got signed back in the late 90’s. Note Gregg still signing the same way and Dickey has now been signing as “Dickey” for some time. This guitar also has the late Allen Woody on it.

I Hope the study helped clear up some of the myths and just plain ignorance of other so called web sites thinking they have a clue about music autographs. 20+ years of experience in music autographs says a lot and I always have the information to back up my statements.

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